Tales of Crestoria English Release Confirmed, Key Visual Revealed!

Crestoria's coming to the West!

Just announced over at the Tales Room 2018 web broadcast, Tales of Crestoria will be getting an English release!

The announcement has just been made over at the Tales 23rd Anniversary broadcast "Tales Room 2018"! More info will apparently be revealed at the game's official English accounts revealed below:

The game's key visual was also revealed during the broadcast, and it looks pretty rad.

You can also view an English version of the previous teaser showed for the game at their official Twitter:

This is great news! What do you guys think?

Tales of Crestoria
Tales of CrestoriaTales of Crestoria is an upcoming mobile title dedicated for smartphones that is an entirely new story and doesn’t focus on previous Tales of titles. The game features Kanata Hjuger, a young man branded as a Transgressor because of the crimeof “protecting someone important” to him. The game will be released for iOS and Android on 2020.

Info Page | News | Gallery | Official Website (JP) | Official Website (EN)


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