"Tales of Bibliotheca" Coming to iOS From The Developers of The World Ends With You, Tales of Phantasia Also Coming To iOS This Fall

A reliable source has just confirmed the reveal of an upcoming "Tales of Bibliotheca" for the Apple iOS. Tales of Phantasia is also coming to thr iOS this Fall. Tales of Bibliotheca is basically a collection of the Tales of stories which will let you relive the stories of previous Tales games. It'll have illustrations featuring events from the original games and even the voice acting from those games, but will have its own battle system. For now, the first 12 chapters of the game will be covering Tales of Vesperia.The first chapter of the Bibliotheca game for Tales of Vesperia will apparently be released in the middle of September, with the next 2-12 chapters to be bought separately for 170 Yen. You can buy all the chapters for 1700 Yen. The game's general producer is Makoto Yoshizumi and producer is Ryuuji Odate. It's being developed by Jupiter, the one behind The World Ends With You.

In addition, Tales of Phantasia will also be making its way to the iOS this fall. It'll be operated via touch screen and will have microtransactions for items and such. It appears that this version is similar to the PSP version.

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