Zelos' sister Seles Wilder joins Tales of The Rays as a playable character for the first time!

The mini meteor herself!

As we approach the release of Tales of Symphonia remastered, Tales of The Rays celebrates in its own way by adding Seles Wilder, who many fans may remember as the arena superboss from Tales of Symphonia!
This new event is a real treat for fans of Tales of Symphonia. While Seles isn't a protagonist, her importance to Zelos and appearance as a boss fight have made her stand out to those who braved the solo challenges in the Meltokio Coliseum. Of course she's not the only character featured this event- her brother Zelos gets his Overray Mirrage Arte finally! In fact, he's not the only one who gets one. Regal and Presea get one as well, for a total of three Overrays introduced this event. As usual, arte and costume previews are at the bottom of the article.

If you just wish to recruit Seles, there's good news. Like every other character you can simply unlock her by playing. Just navigate to the event quests tab and play through the quests there to recruit Seles and unlock her skit as well.

a little more to gear them up with a full moveset. And with that, here's a timeline to refer back to as you play this event.

Symphonia Event - Resound Your Deepest Feelings Start Time End Time
Event Quests January 31 2023, 11:00 JST February 9 2023, 10:59 JST
Event Shop January 31 2023, 11:00 JST February 9 2023, 10:59 JST
Event Gacha Banner January 31 2023, 11:00 JST February 9 2023, 10:59 JST
Event Ticket Banner January 31 2023, 11:00 JST February 9 2023, 10:59 JST

This event uses Rays' standard Event Shop format. What this means is after clearing the quest, you can use dedicated farming quests at the bottom of the list (costing 40 AP and 80 AP) to farm for currency, which you'll then use in the event shop. The hardest, yet most rewarding quest is at the very bottom of the quest list. There's two types of currency: a "low tier" currency and a "high tier" currency, and you'll get more of one or the other depending on what characters you use farming the quest, as well as what artes they have equipped. You'll  Here's a chart of what the currency looks like, as well as what items to you'll want from the Event Shop.

Crestoria Event Shop Items How To Acquire
Low tier currency. A meal cooked by a certain President. Acquired from Farming quest. You can get more depending on your team's currency bonus.
High tier currency. A certain young lady's beret. Acquired from Farming quest. You can get more depending on your team's currency bonus.
Seles' Event Arte. Available for 4000 Berets in the Event Shop. More copies cost 20000 each. You'll want to buy all available copies for maximum weapon level, as well as to get diamonds for doing so.
Seles' Mirrage Shard. Available for 4000, 40000 and 80000 Berets. Mirrage Shards increase the maximum character level, and are rarer to come by for specific characters once their event ends.
Symphonia Enhancement crystals. Available for 25000 then 75000 Berets each. These let you get the 6th enhancements for each arte for a Symphonia character, as well as unlock Burst Limit for them. They can be used on any Symphonia character added in the future and are harder to get outside of Symphonia focused events, so if you can buy these then do so!
Gacha tickets. Available for 3000 Presidential Meals, 10000 Presidential Meals, 1000 Berets and 10000 Berets each. These let you roll on the Symphonia gacha without spending diamonds!
Guaranteed Seasonal Mirrage Arte. This is a must have item for new or long time players. This ticket guarantees a seasonal Mirrage Arte, which is quite useful for increasing the viability of your overall cast!

Note that these are simply recommended to get the most out of Seles, don't worry too much if you miss one or two items.

Now that that's over, let's take a look at Seles' new alternate costume! You can unlock it by acquiring her Gacha exclusive Mirrage Arte. She looks very nice in this outfit doesn't she?

And here are the new Mirrage and 5* artes!





That's it for now. Tales of The Rays doesn't disappoint with its character representation, it's nice to see even more obscure yet well liked characters get their chance to shine.

Also, this article had a few delays. Again I would like to give a big thank you and shout out to the Tales of The Rays wiki admins ArkDelgato and Cillian! It's hard to collect all the relevant information on a Japan only game. We try to do our best to be up to date here, but be sure to check out the Tales of The Rays wiki here for more detail that isn't just the latest event! And as usual, check back soon for more information-a new month means a new preview coming soon!

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