2 new Tales of Graces characters Revealed + More ToV PS3 Scans (UPDATED)

2 new Tales of Graces scan reveals 2 more characters, the first one beingPascal (pasukaru, voiced by Kana Ueda) and the second one is Marik/Malik Caesars (mariku shizaasu, voiced by Hiroki Touchi). Malik seems to be Asbel's teacher. EDIT: A better scan has been added to the post.

ToG Scan Full pascal marik costumes anisecless
Info on the two characters:
PascalPascal (pasukaruby the suggestion of our translator, Yume Hanabi, we will be referring to her as "Pascale" until the official spelling of her name is out, just to indicate that she's female. "Pascal" confirmed.)
"I knew you said you also want me as a companion in this journey!"
»»» A genius technician (or engineer) Asbel meets along the course of his journey. She has problems reading the atmosphere in situations and doesn't really choose her words that come out of her mouth. Also seems to be the type who's really hard to read. Her attack style seems to be with a gun-like staff. One of her style shifts also seems to be related to some kind of spirits. (fixed, thanks Yume /o/. Have fun in Japan XD)

MalikMalik Caesars (mariku shizaasu)
"Remember that by just becoming a knight means you also have something to protect."
»»» Asbel's honored and excellent instructor from the Knights' school. He is an adult man who can be both somewhat frank and in composure. His signature way of attacking includes throwing a boomerang-shaped blade, with the blade seemingly able to follow his will even when it has already been thrown off quite a distance, a "throwing blade knight" of sorts. He seems to be the type who is able to master a variety of attributes from attack techniques, boasting strong power in attack techniques, no matter what they may be. Asbel looks up to Malik as his "ideal self".

We also have new scans on the previously revealed costumes of Patty and Flynn.