3 New RM2 Videos + Various Stuff + Leave of Absence

Three new videos have been put up at the Radiant Mythology 2 Official Site.

The first two are class videos for the Warrior and the Paladin/Holy Knight (I'm unsure of the name of this class. The people over at the Tales Forums said this class was the Paladin, but when you translate the kanji for it (???, kiyoshi kishi), it translates to "Holy Knight"). The last one is a short preview of the Golden Victory skit led by Jade and Zelos which becomes available upon finishing the game. It's similar to the Golden Victory drama chat in the preorder bonus DVD, but the content is not the same.

For the various stuff, if you check out BACK-ON's official MySpace page, they've put up a slightly longer preview for flyaway, as well as previews forwhere is the future? and the flyaway [Tales of] remix which features Kanonno's seiyuu singing parts of the song. Go over there to listen to them, or you can download the preview versions from here (the RM2 section is below the RM section).

Other news include gallery updates for ToH and TotW:RM2 and a new AMV of the Month for January. I've also added the opening video of Persona 4 in the Non-Tales Video Section for the heck of it xD...

As for my leave of absence, my internet time has been reduced to a mere one hour per day due to my prelim grades and I'm dedicating a full four hours a day for my studies. That said, all backend updates of the site (ver3, ToV, ToH, other unrevealed sections, etc.) have been put on hold until the end of March. I seriously need to get my grades up, and leaving the site for a while is but a small sacrifice for that. I'll still be around for main news updates and updating Kouli's ToH walkthrough though (and the Abyss anime), but not as much (@SV: Please cover for me when you notice I miss an update, thanks ^^).

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