Meet The Cast of the Tales of the Abyss Stage Play for Tales of Festival 2017

Meet the Tales of the Abyss cast in real life

The upcoming stage play for Day 1 of Tales of Festival 2017 entitled "Tales of the Stage -The Last Score- LIVE & THEATER at Yokohama Arena" will be featuring Tales of the Abyss. Meet the cast all dressed up!

Though originally only a 2-day event, this year's Tales of Festival 2017 will be held for three days, on June 2-4, 2017 at Yokohama Arena. This upcoming stage play, which will be held on Day 1 of the Festival, is the first stage play the series is getting and will be focusing on Tales of the Abyss and its cast.

As Famitsu reports, The program will first start with a skit-style prologue with the characters' original voice actors, produced by Takumi Miyajima, the one in charge of Tales of the Abyss's game scenario. There will also be a special talk by Chihiro Suzuki and Yukana, Luke fon Fabre and Tear Grants' voice actors.

Check out the cast visuals below:

  • Kota Iwaki as Luke fon Fabre
  • Sena from The Hoopers as Tear Grants
  • Kou Hosokawa as Guy Cecil
  • Shunichi Takahashi as Jade Curtiss
  • Chihiro Kai as Anise Tatlin
  • Fuyuna Asakura as Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear
  • Saki Takahashi as Ion
  • RYOJI as Van Grants
  • Yuya Arai as Asch
  • Daisuke Hirose as Aslan Frings

On June 2nd, gates will open at 6PM, while the event proper will begin 7PM.

The program will be as follows:

  1. Pre-recorded prologue skit featuring the original voice actors
  2. Event entertainment show proper featuring the stage cast, with dancing and acrobatics
  3. A special talk with Chihiro Suzuki (Luke) and Yukana (Tear)

Tickets are priced at 8,000 Yen, with only one type of seat available.

Our staff member Momo will be at Tales of Festival 2017, including the Stage Play! See you then!

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