Tales of the Abyss Episode 15

January 20, 2009 a745

Here's 15 ^__^. Enjoy~. Also, please keep an eye on this post for a Tales update and a site gallery update (I don't like making multiple posts within one day). ...

Radiant Mythology 2 Updates

January 16, 2009 a745

A bunch of new videos have been added, featuring a few new original characters (Shoh Corron, Niata, and Janis and his assistant, who have been previously announced already) and Claire Bennett from Tales of Rebirth.

TotA Episode 13 Version 2

January 8, 2009 a745

While you wait for episode 14 (both Yume and I are still quite busy with school, sorry >__<), here's a version 2 of episode 13.

Minor Gallery Updates

January 5, 2009 a745

department have been very quiet recently... And I'm a bit thankful since I have to reaaallly focus on my studies now (and the site's ver3).

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