Absolute Zero & Phantasian Productions Working on ToD: DC Translation

Some of you may be familiar with Absolute Zero (completed Tales of Phantasia PSX and in progress Tales of Innocence fan translations) and Phantasian Productions (in progress Tales of Phantasia PSX and Tales of Destiny 2 PS2 fan translations) for their work in translating some Tales games which we, unfortunately, didn't receive stateside. They have just announced in this thread in the Official Tales Forums that they are teaming up to bring fans a full translation (story included) of Tales of Destiny: Director's Cut! It seems they have been working on this project secretly for months now.

Many more screenshots and detailed announcement information can be found on both the Phantasian Productions website and the Absolute Zero blog. Keep in mind that this translation is for ToD: Director's Cut only.

We'll be putting up screenshots later, but I have to get throughhim413's and Cless's permissions ^^;. Thanks to throughhim413 ^_^/. The screenshots are now here.

Also, the BACK-ON Official Site has put up a preview of the song "flyaway" for TotW:RM2. You can view it in our YT Channel here.

And finally, a big thanks to mizudemyx for donating $25 to AC ^^/. Thanks so much!

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