ToDDC Updates + Site Updates ^_^/

And yes, it's February 1 here already. As for ToDDC, new commentaries have shown up in their Special section. This time, the commentaries are from Philia's and Marian's voice actors. You can find them over at the Tales of Destiny Audio Page, under the individual tracks. Also, a radio commercial for the game has also been placed in the same audio section.

For site updates, we've replaced our download of VS (Tales of the TempestOpening by misono) to the full version. We didn't realize it wasn't the full version until one of our visitors, Inugi-chan pointed it out and kindly gave us a download of the full one bigsmile.gif~ Hontouni arigatogozaimasu, ~! Oh, and we've added the song "Lovely Cat's Eye" by misono, which is a commercial song for TotT. It's up in the TotT Audio Page and the Tales Jukebox.

Also, we're now affiliated with Square Union, a massive site dedicated to the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts series. They are a must-visit for Square fans =)

And, as some of you may have noticed from the shoutbox, I just got my ToDDC Premium Box today. The box contains the said special soundtrack, which contains remixes of some most loved Tales songs, plus some new ones from ToDDC itself (you'll see them up sometime next week); The 128 page art book, which contains a few new ones, plus all the other art of Inomata we've been seeing (that said, I'll only be adding the new images to the gallery); and the game.

Lastly, we have a new AMV of the Month up. Go on ahead and check it out XD~

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