Tales of Hearts Cut-ins Up in the Gallery + A Happy Birthday ^_^ + Thanks~

We extend our big thanks to RyuHiroshi from the Official Tales Forums for providing us ripped Hi-Ougi cut-ins from Tales of Hearts. You can view them in our gallery here. You'll have to full view the image, because the thumbnails all have a default "SPOILERS!" thumbnail instead of the usual. I know some of you out there don't like seeing the cut-ins before you've played the game ^_^/

Also, according to our Forum, today is one of our most active (and longtime) supporter's birthday ^_^/. We extend our "Happy Birthday!!!!!!" greetings to Danette-Anime-Otaku! Thanks so much for always being with us~

Aaand, more thank yous to the following! Thank you to Oscar again, this time for donating another $10, and tran025, for donating $20 to AC. Thank you very much ^_^/

That's all. It's almost new year here... Just 18 hours left. Ah well. -goes back to homework T_T-

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