ALTER's 1/8 Rita Mordio Figure Up For Pre-order On January 25 (UPDATED)

The colored prototype for ALTER's 1/8 Rita Mordio scale figure is now out! Announced back in November, ALTER released a prototype for a figure of Tales of Vesperia's Rita Mordio. 


Vesperia's Genius Mage in figure form is just amazing! the details on her outfit and her accessories are captured quite well. Her pose looks like she just finished casting a spell. The base also looks like it's from one of Vesperia's dungeons. Like the previously released Yuri and Flynn, Rita also comes with an Overdrive Form of herself, an adorable Mini-Rita! More detailed pics can be seen in our gallery

She will be released sometime late June of this year and will be up for pre-order beginning January 25, 2012. She can be pre-ordered at Play-Asia by then.

In related news, ALTAiR (ALTER's line specializing in male figures) will be having a 3rd re-release for Yuri Lowell, pre-orders to again open also onJanuary 25. For those who missed his first two releases, now is your chance! The re-release will also be on June 2012.

To those interested, ALTAiR's Luke fon Fabre is also up for pre-order. Luke will be released on April 2012.

Photos from Alter's Blog

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