Check out the Cast of Tales of the Stage ~Justice of Light and Shadow~ Tales of Vesperia Stage Play

What do you think of Repede?

Take a look at the case for the upcoming Tales of the Stage ~Justice of Light and Shadow~ about Tales of Vesperia!

The official Tales of the Stage website has been updated with the cast of the upcoming ~Justice of Light and Shadow~ stage play that be focusing on Tales of Vesperia.

Tsubasa Yoshizawa as Yuri Lowell and Shou Kato as Flynn Scifo.

Yumi Suenaga as Estelle and Naoki Tanaka as Repede.

Satsuki Kitano as Karol Capel and Risa Kondou as Rita.

Shinju Terada as Judith and Mao Katou as Raven.

Shuuhei Izumi as Alexei Dinoia and Kensuke Uchida as Don Whitehorse. 

Well, this answers my question last time as to how they were going to pull of Repede...

The stage play will begin showing from December 5 to December 15, 2019 at the Tennoz Galaxy Theater. Tickets include Premium, S Seat and A Seats at 12,000 Yen, 9,000 Yen and 7,000 Yen respectively (tax included). Tickets are again via lottery, but Asobi Store Premium members will be able to have an advanced ticket lottery beginning today until June 23rd. The second draw will be on June 28 to July 7 and will be open to Asobi members general and premium members. Third draw will be on August 11 onwards for general audiences. More info here on their website.

Tales of Vesperia
Tales of VesperiaTales of Vesperia is the tenth mothership title of the series initially released for the Xbox 360. The Japanese and North American English localization release dates of the game were within the same month, a first in the entire series. It later got ported to the PlayStation 3 with additional features, but this never got an English release. An updated version known as “Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition” will be released for both Japan & the West in Winter 2018. Vesperia tells the story of Yuri, a former Imperial Knight. A movie called Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike was later released which tells the story of Yuri prior to the game’s events.

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