Content on ToV, ToH, RM2, and Abyss Anime

You know it's rare when Picup actually posts news O:I'm not sure if anyone has posted this article yet, but I want to thank Teiris for showing this URL from the gpara site. This sounds like there was a tales conference some where in Japan.

Tales of Vesperia Section:
There's some screenshots, and images of the ToV xbox 360 that is being released in Japan. There is also a ToV Drama Cd (?) that is being released with the game I believe. And just some brief talk about how they are using the Xbox Live system.

Tales of Hearts:
The main opening is being sung by DEEN I think, who is also the ones who sang Yumi de aru Youni, more screenshots, the background story of Tales of Hearts, the use of the LMBS Combination Arial system, and character profiles on Shing and Kohaku.

Release date some time in 2008.

Radiant Mythology 2:

Screenshots. Talk about character customization, and Spada and Chat is now in RM2.

Abyss Anime:
There is some beautiful screen shots of Luke, Natalia, Van and Jade and Anise.


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