Detailed News on the Tales Series 2008 Press Conference

So yes, just to point out a few things that Picup and SV talked about (I love my staff so much <3~ They really back me up all the time ^_^/), we'll take this per game. I just summarized all the info from Famitsu and GPara. If you have Japanese skills then just watch the video here from Famitsu (it has scenes of the Abyss anime too).

Tales of Vesperia (Xbox 360)
- Cover/DVD of the preorder bonus DVD which they will be calling "Tales Channel DVD" here and here. It'll include the usual skit, which will be called "Repede's Great Adventure - Institute of the Future," (rough translation), an art gallery, Promotional Videos 1 and 2, a "Superplay" Album, plus something else... which I can't seem to translate XD...
- A new trailer/promotional video is up, showing a whole bunch of new game scenes, animated scenes, battle gameplay, and the Hi-Ougis... as well as a version of Ring a Bell that sounds a bit like Abyss' Meaning of Birth XD. You can watch it here (uploaded by our hidden mod synchyryn~, thanks~), or you can go just go to Official ToV Page and download it from there (bottom-most navigation). I'll be uploading screenshots of the trailer by Thursday.

Tales of Hearts (Nintendo DS)
- It seems that there will be two versions of the game based on the cutscenes, although it's unsure if it'll be separate or within just one DS cartridge. One version will be the 2D version with the animated scenes, and the other is (*gasp*) a CG version by Shiro-Gumi. Those're just about the cutscenes though, not actual gameplay.
- Story: In this world, beings called Zerom's have inhabited the land, and feeds on the humans' dreams, as well as their hearts and souls (a.k.a. Spiria). As a counter for this, the human hearts have developed a Spir Maze, the labyrinth of people's hearts. Within this is also the crystal which represents one's soul, and once that has been taken by a Zerom, the body will rot away. Within the maze is also a weapon/armor called the Soma, which is used to battle against the Zerom.
- The hero is Shing Meteoryte (O_o) and the heroine is Kohak Hearts (O_o). Info on them below:

Shing Meteoryte
Age: 16
Height: 157cm
Weight: 54kg
CV: Tetsuya Kakihara
A young boy with a heightened curiosity about this world. He lives with his grandpa in the village of Civir. He inherited the power to use Somas from his mother and grandpa. His social inexperience and curiosity often makes him seem insensitive, but he does know how to look back on such mistakes.

Kohak Hearts
Age: 17
Height: 158cm
Weight: 45kg
CV: Marina Inoue
She left her home in search of a Soma. She seems to always pertain to someone she refers to as "she,"
- The theme song will be done by DEEN.
- Winter 2008 release
- Battle system is the CNAR-LMBS (Combined Aerial Linear Motion Battle System), and is said to be an enhanced version of ToDRe's AR-LMBS. This time they really will let characters outside of the party switch in battle.

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2 (PlayStation Portable)
- Theme song will be done by the band BACK-ON.
- Character making has been enhanced and has now become more diverse than ever before.
- Production I.G will be doing the animated scenes as usual, and Hi-Ougi cut-ins will be applied this time around.
- Spada Belforma (ToI), Luke fon Fabre, Tear Grants, Guy Cecil (TotA), Leon Magnus, Stahn Aileron, Rutee Cartret (ToD), Nanaly Fletch (ToD2), Lloyd Irving, Colette Brunel, Presea Combatir, Kratos Aurion, Refill/Raine Sage (ToS), Veigue Lungberg, Eugene Gallardo (ToR), Reid Hershel, Chat (ToE), Yuri Lowell (ToV), Caius Qualls (TotT) confirmed.
- New job classes will be available. One is said to be a class which lets you wield two swords.
- Schedule date not determined. Also said this winter, but I'm not sure on that.

Tales of the Abyss Anime
- October 2008 expected air-date.
- 26 Episodes planned.
- a745 does not like the art that much -shot- -shot- -shhooottt-. Nah seriously, looking forward to it XD. If we have enough people maybe we'd sub it too.

Next Main Tales game for the Wii?
- Apparently, it seems that the next main Tales game will be for the Wii.

And you'll notice that we've put up galleries for the new games. Not much yet, but feel free to visit them here (ToH) and here (TotW:RM2). Also a gallery for TotA Anime here.

And lastly. Namco really needs to work on keeping their secrets. Or they just love teasing us.

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