Covers For Radiant Mythology 3's Theme Song Leaked - Me's Identity Revealed

The CD covers for BACK-ON's upcoming single, "With you feat. Me", the main theme song for Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3, have been leaked today. On the cover of the single's regular edition are the members of BACK-ON, along with "Me". It seems previous speculations of her identity were right after all.
Withyou1On the right is the cover for the regular version. Though it's a bit difficult to confirm who she is because of the side view profile, majority of her fans have already confirmed her to be none other than misono. This is still open for debate, but with her voice and singing style pretty blatant in the previews of the song we've heard so far, it's most definitely her.


Withyou2This one is the cover of the "Tales of" version of the single. The only main difference is the inclusion of download codes for some goodies and a Tales of version of the With you song.

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