New Tales of Graces Scans & Site Update - Style Shift, Groovy Chat & Prologue

From what I've heard so far, the A button style for the characters work in a totally different way than we've ever known, while the B button style works like the normal artes button that we've experienced in other Tales games (Directional Button + B button = arte). The scans above further explain this "new" system using the A button.

scan1 scan2 scan3 scan4 scan5
Imagine it to work like this: the artes system for the A style works in a tier-like system. The first time you press the A button, you perform the arte(s) that require 1CC. This then allows you to perform the artes available that require 2CC. As you can see, there are four artes available for that, and can be performed by using the analog stick together with the A button. The next tier of artes can be performed once you have performed 2CC artes, and so on. Somewhat better scans can be found here: Scan 1 | Scan 2

scan6 scan7 scan8 scan9
scan10The scans above show us some images of the characters' Groovy Chat expressions. Aside from the super-deformed illustrations, normal "cut-ins" of the characters will also be included. Other scans include a glimpse of everyone's status arts (here and here, save for Richard), their battle victory poses and a few new scenes from the anime opening (here). Higher quality scans of the chat illustrations can be found here: Scan 1 | Scan 2. Other new scans (that just summarize the info revealed before) can be found here.

EDIT (10/26/09, 07:37AM): The Tales of Graces official site's Story section has also been updated today, showing the game's prologue. Translations of it will be available once Yume is. In the meantime, the newanime screenshots and game screenshots have been added to the gallery.


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