Farewell TalesBrigade + RM2 Game Survey Up + flyaway Downloads Up

Well, it's been a good 6 months with TalesBrigade, and sadly, it has now come to a close. I myself had a lot of fun there, and I'm sure the rest of the members did too ^_^. Around the last day, LegacyGamer, one of the moderators of TB, set up a little autograph sheet for the members to sign, and have it sent to Undine. At Legacy's request, I'd like to show everyone the finished autograph sheet ^^/

This has already been sent to Undine. Hopefully, she'll give us a reply. And hopefully, TalesBrigade will once again open it doors when another Tales game gets localized =D.

Also, the survey for RM2 has been put up over at the TalesChannel. Answering it gives you an RM2 calendar wallpaper, spanning February to April. You can also get it in our gallery.

800x600 | 1024x768 | 1280x1024

And downloads for the singles in BACK-ON's flyaway CD (Tales of Version) have been put up in the Other Tales Audio Download Page (the ones with the "*NEW!" tag). Downloads are of the full flyaway single, the ending song, where is the future?, and the flyaway Tales of Remix, featuring Kanonno's seiyuu singing. And no, we're not putting up Re:Start, unless people request so.

01. flyaway (full) - Download
02. where is the future? (full) - Download
03. flyaway [Tales of] remix - Download

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