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Rpgmonkey over at the Tales Forums posted over at the Tales Forums about three new trademarked names for the Tales of Series, which was originally posted in NeoGAF. I would like to emphasize once again that these are merely trademarks so that Namdai can preserve the names for their future use, but this does not mean that all the names will be used. Usually, only one will be chosen as a Tales game name (like in Vesperia's case, wherein it was trademarked together with the names Valoria and Strife). The names are:

??2008-100028???????????? [TALES OF FLOWERIA] (the actual katakana however, reads [TALES OF FLORRIA] ??2008-100029???????????? [TALES OF GRACIA] ??2008-100030????????????? [TALES OF UNITIA]

... On a related note, Namdai also trademarked the name "Tales of Destiny," but that was way back in November, and, according to Miyuki, made for electronic means (game/download/media/etc.). There are also various rumors about new games surfacing, like the upcoming Tales of 10 being named Tales of Bataille, but since they are still, in fact, rumors, I wouldn't want to post them here. But if you really wanna read them, here...

AMV of the Month for February updated. And my midterm examinations are this week, so... you get the picture xD.

Also, due to an unfortunate turn of events, our encoder, Akanari's PC crashed >_<. So... TotA Anime is on hold until further notice. We apologize >_<; We'll be using the usual translating -> timing -> editing and all that, but they won't be encoded into the final videos until Aka's back.

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