Kanonno Earhart & Some NPCs Grace This Week's Radiant Mythology 3 Videos

With Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 getting released in Japan next week, the official website subtly updates with the character videos of Kanonno Earhart (Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2) and some of the game's non-player characters, namely Claire Bennett (Tales of Rebirth), Rocks and the Oresoren brothers QuppoPippo and Poppo (Tales of Legendia).

Earhart Claire Rocks Quppo, Pippo and Poppo
In Kanonno's video, we have her performing her version of Unchained Note. In Rocks's video, we see him in a conversation with Kanonno Grassvalley. Claire's video shows her having a talk with Veigue, with the latter part having her being kept hostage by Saleh. In their video, the Oresoren brothers are seen in a conversation with Jay and in the latter part, with Quickie.

Kanonno Earhart - Unchained Note

Claire Bennett


Quppo, Pippo and Poppo

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