Tales of Graces F For The PS3 Officially Coming To North America

Today marks the awaited date that was floating around in Namco Bandai's little teaser site a few days back. It is now official that Tales of Graces F for the PlayStation 3 will indeed be coming to North America.

Rejoice, Tales fans, for it has been officially confirmed now! Tales of Graces F is INDEED coming to NA! After a few yet long days of speculation, crossed eyes, doubts and tweaking with Photoshop, everything is now completely official! The ATaleofTwoRichards.com site has been updated to reflect this. Visiting the TalesRPG.com site also gives you the same roadblock message. Namdai has also put up a Facebook page for the Tales Series.

Speculations of today being a mass announcement of games turns out to be true, as the following games were also announced today, some in Namdai's Ignite event, some from Famitsu: Armored Core V, Dark Heroes, Pacman for 3DS (JP for now), Galaga for 3DS (JP for now) and Pacman Championship Edition for PSN.

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