New ToS-R Scan~

Thanks to Naju for the heads up, we have a new magazine scan for Tales of Symphonia: Knight of Ratatosk.

The scan shows a few things we already knew about, like those villains. The new things to note are Marta's Hi-Ougi cut-in, and a small section on the scan focusing on a few of the types of monstersavailable. The names of the types of monsters they've shown at the bottom right of the scan, from left to right: Chimaira (the cute orange cat-like monster. I assume it means "Chimera" but yeah...), Mandragora (the green plant-like monster), Moirai (below Chimaira), and Undertaker (the cute floating monster with a scythe).

Also, that "Rock Project Medoley" (yes it's actually spelled like that, check theToS-R Homepage) that will come with misono's CD that has ToS-R's opening will be like a remix of some famous songs by misono, namely Zasetsu ChitenJuunin ToiroMugen Kigen, and of course, Nininsankyaku, the game's opening theme. Also, according to Yume Hanabi, that piano sheet that's to come with the preorder bonus is actually Iselia School's Hymn.

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