More Tales of Vesperia PS3 Tales Costumes! The Last Batch... Probably

These new images (... what are these, anyway?) just in from 2ch, showing all the available Tales costumes for the party, including those previously announced as well as two new ones.

Tales Costumes Image 1 Tales Costumes Image 2 Tales Costumes Image 3
The two new ones are for Flynn and Patty. Flynn will be getting a Cless Alvein (Tales of Phantasia) costume, while Patty will be getting an Anise Tatlin (Tales of the Abyss) costume. I have to admit, Patty looks adorable ?.

Seeing that everyone in the party now has Tales costumes, I would assume that this would be the last of the batch. But you never know. Namdai can seriously surprise us.

ToA Preorder bonus costumesAnd I would like to point out again that the three Tales of the Abyss costumes for Yuri (Asch), Flynn (Luke) and Estelle (Tear) are only available as a PREORDER BONUS. The bonus will come in the form of this card you see to the left where the PlayStation Store code will be on. Patty's Anise costume is not part of the preorder bonus.

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