Tales of Vesperia PS3 New Tales Costumes, Attachments + Raven's 2nd Hi-Ougi

A new magazine scan concerning Tales of Vesperia PS3 has just surfaced, revealing a whole lot of new features for the game. Yuri having a Judas costume (as discussed here) has also been properly revealed in this scan, along with other new tidbits.

Repede as Caius and Yuri as Judas Yuri as Judas Rita as Mao
New Tales of Vesperia PS3 ScanThe scan confirms Yuri getting a Judas costume (Tales of Destiny 2). In addition, Repede will be getting a Caius Qualls costume (Tales of the Tempest) and Rita will be getting a Mao costume (Tales of Rebirth). Their title names for the costumes are as follows:


Yuri (as Judas) - ??????? (kaettekita kenshi, Swordsman Who Returned)
Repede (as Caius) - ?????????? (han shishi shounen no koromo matou inu, literally Dog in a Half-Beast Boy's Clothes)
Rita (as Mao) - ???????????? (kioku soushitsu no muudo meekaa, Memory Loss Mood Maker)

Estelle with a Dog Face Attachment Rita with a Weird Glasses Attachment Patty with a Cute Cat Hat Attachment
The scan also reveals a few new Attachments for the characters. From the scans, you can see Estelle sporting a dog (or puppy?) ears and nose attachment, Rita with a somewhat creepy-looking glasses attachment and Patty with an adorable cat hat attachment.

Fight the Hunting Blades at the ColiseumThat's not all. It looks like there will be new enemies to go up against in the Nordopolica Coliseum. The scan reveals that members of the Hunting Blades Guild will be around to fight it out with you. The scan shows (look closely) Clint and Nan against Yuri and party in a coliseum battle. Though he wasn't shown, Tison will probably also be a coliseum opponent. Looking at the upper screenshot in this scan, you will see the four previous Tales arena cameo opponents all together for a battle (Barbatos, Shizel, Kratos, and Dhaos), the "Dream Team"... Have fun taking them all on at the same time XD. EDIT, Aug 29, '09: Better scans added: Clint, Tison and Nan | Clint | Dream Team | Don Whitehorse

Raven's Crisis RainAnd lastly, this new screenshot (low quality) reveals Raven's second hi-ougi. It will be "Crisis Rain" (????????, kuraishisurein).


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