Tales of VS. Director's Corner Video 11 - Barbatos and Kohak Combos

The Tales of VS. Director's Corner has been updated today with the eleventh combos video by the game's director. This time, the director uses Barbatos and Kohak for the combos.

Tales of VS. Director's Video 11 - Barbatos and Kohak Combos
You'll see the director performing a series of combos with attacks and artes, followed up by an attack of Genocide Braver. That sends Dhaos away from him, but he makes Barbatos jump towards the area Dhaos is to fall, and will do the same routine. And no hi-ougi this time.

For the Kohak, a series of normal attacks is then followed by some artes, sending Shing up in the air (and into the next platform). Kohak goes into Overlimit Mode and performs Satsugeki Bukouken, sending Shing all the way near the bottom of the stage.

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