ToDDC and ToS-R Updates From Tales Channel + New ToDDC CM

I'm supposed to be at home right now... Haha -shot- Anyway, new updates from Tales Channel.

New updates from For Tales of Destiny Director's Cut, a new "Special" section has been upped, which will seemingly feature commentaries from the voice actors of the game. As of now, only Midorikawa's (Leon's VA) commentary is up. Expect more from the other VAs in the future.

For Tales of Symphonia: Knight of Ratatosk, they updated their character pages with the previous Tales of Symphonia characters, with new info on all of them. Translations to come tomorrow. They also updated the Story section with the updated version of the storyline, which we already posted about in our previous news entry. We also have new screenshots, most of which, we've already seen. The thing to pay attention to, however, is the info on the battle system. Basically, there are instances when Emil can make a contract with monsters the party has defeated. When the contract succeeds, the monster joins the party. There are times however, that it will fail. As for the battle system, FR-LMBS, the Wii Mote's motions can be used for particular skills. The player may choose to play in the same conventional way though.

EDIT: As I work on the translations, watch this new commercial of ToDDC posted by Nore139Click Here. It features a new Hi-Ougi of Leon's.

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