New Magazine Scans & Photos of The OP On Screen For Radiant Mythology 3

We have a total of three new scans for Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 revealing a little bit of new information on the game. Also, see photos of the game's opening movie on screen.

RM3 Scan 1 RM3 Scan 2 RM3 Scan 3

In the first scan, we finally get to see some of the new artwork for the higher job classes in more detail. At the top row, from left to right, we have the artwork for the Monk and Bishop job classes. Below them, we have the art for the Brandish/Broadsword User class. At the far right, the art for the Twinsword/Dual Swordsman class.

In the next scan, we see some new features of the game's system. First off, the players can now select and change the battle BGMs with another one of their liking. The BGMs will be from the Tales series as usual. Second, the game will have a character encyclopedia for the characters. I believe something similar was available in RM2. Third, the Tales characters will already be equipped with the best possible available equipment for them once they join the Ad Libitum guild. And lastly, other playable characters (Tales characters, mostly) who are not in battle will now be able to earn EXP and level up! This is good news to those who get tired of grinding all the time. The last scan holds no new information.

01 2 3 4

New images have been leaked at 2ch, showing photos of the game's opening on a wide screen. The shots are primarily from the game's commercial, but they're most likely to be part of the game's opening too. I believe everyone has seen the blond twins.

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