New RM2 Videos + Guides Section Now Open + ToV New Year Art

Four new videos from the RM2 Official Site are up.

The first two are job class videos, featuring the Thief and the Monk. The other two are system videos, showing the previously revealed skill slot system plus treasure chests that require you to solve puzzles in order to open them, or puzzle chests. Click the thumbnails above to view them.


The Tales Guides/FAQs Section is now open ^_^/. The page lists all the guides we have for the different games. The latest ones we have are aToD2 PSP FAQ/Walkthrough and a ToH FAQ/Walkthrough, both byKouli. The ToH guide will be updated from time to time, so just keep an eye on the "Last Update" date. Submissions are also very welcome. The link to the Guides section can be found under the Other... navigation.

Lastly, the ToV JP Official Site has been updated with New Year greetingswith chibi artwork of the characters. The images are in very, very high resolution. Click the thumbnails below to view them (FULL VIEW IS YOUR FRIEND! ):

Episode 14 of Abyss will be delayed due to Yume having exams, and me doing Christmas break research homework. We also have something special to be subbed for everyone, but it isn't really in our very very high priority list at the moment. Advanced Happy New Year!

EDIT: Ooh, BTW, look! We have a favicon now xD! -runs-

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