Two New Tales of VS. System Videos

I apologize for the late news post. I was making Sea-salt ice cream...

sys vid 4 sys vid 5
The Tales of VS. official site has been updated with two new videos in the System section. The first one portrays the use of skills/artes, performing combos, and the various guarding techniques (namely "critical guard" and "magic guard"). The second one focuses on performing hi-ougis once your character is in overlimit state. You'll notice here that Philia gets Sacred Blame (Sacred Penance).

In a somewhat related note, the Tales Community now has the Tales of Phantasia main cast usable for KaoDora.

The Nintendo conference at E3 has begun, to be followed by the Sony conference. I'll be sure to keep an eye on any announcements for the Tales games... That is, if there will be any...

EDIT: No mention of any Tales games on the conferences at all =...

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