New Scans - 2 New Graces and 2 New VS. Characters + New ToV PS3 Costumes

Two new scans (thanks to Kouli and cutepresea) reveal two new characters for Tales of Graces, two new characters and new information for Tales of VS. AND new costumes for Tales of Vesperia PS3!

scan01 scan02 New Scan 3 scan04

For Tales of Graces, the two characters include the red-haired girl we all know from the previous trailers plus a newly revealed character.

Hubert Oswell/Ozwell (Hyuubaato Ozuweru, ????????????, the guy with glasses)
VA: Mizushima Takahiro
"I hate such naive thinking."
- Asbel's younger brother who is younger by one year. He is part of the military and has the status of a lieutenant/wing commander/major (translation varies). His personality is that of a rational, but too serious person.

Celia/Shelia Barnes/Burns (Sheria Baanzu, ?????????, the girl in the trailers aside from Sophie)
VA: Kawaragi Shiho
"I was the one who said I wanted to go and follow you."
The granddaughter of the butler (Frederick... probably) working for Asbel's family. Though she holds feelings for Asbel somewhat, she's the type who just won't be honest to him about it.

For Tales of VS., two new characters are revealed, Farah Oersted (Tales of Eternia) and Caius Qualls (Tales of the Tempest). Kohak Hearts (Tales of Hearts) is also shown in the scan. Aside from that, new information for the game has also been revealed. The mini-game that has 2D characters fighting, Tales of Wallbreaker, will only be available to players once they have finished the Yggdrasill or Story Mode once. A new feature calledOverlimits Cross has also been introduced. It says there that if you time your execution of the overlimit with a comrade, you will be able to perform a combo hi-ougi with them, which is called "Extra Finish". Also, not all characters will be unlocked right away from the start. Clearing certain events will unlock new characters to be used (as shown in the scan, Cless had just been unlocked).

And lastly, for Tales of Vesperia PS3, new costumes (coupled with a new event) are shown. Flynn's costume/title is called Short-Sleeved Prince, we have Aloha Big Bro for Yuri, Just Black Bikini for Judith and Casual Beach Girlfor Rita.

scan03EDIT: A new scan has been added! This little scan shows costumes for Karol and Judith. Karol is dressed up as Lloyd Irving (Tales of Symphonia) while Judith is dressed up as Rutee Kartret (Tales of Destiny)!

EDIT2: Guys, Just to make it clear, Mary is confirmed for Tales of Wallbreaker, the mini game, not the main game. -LaZyEnErGeTiC

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