New Scans for ToV PS3 With New Artes and Bosses + The Movie

Info transferred to a new post for space reasons. For Tales of Vesperia PS3, the new scans mainly talk about the already revealed features of the upcoming port.

ToVPS3 Scan 1 ToVPS3 Scan 2 tovps3 scan 1 tovps3 scan 2 tovps3 scan 3
The second ToV PS3 scan talks about new artes (some seem to be altered artes). The last scan just talks about the game's skit system, and an image of what seems to be one of Patty's body skit images. Also, that monster from the trailer isn't the Sword Dancer after all, but another new boss named Wandering Skeleton Soldier. The scans still confirm that the Sword Dancer is there, though. And a particular message in the interview says this: "Because Flynn has his role as a Knight, he is not supposed to travel with Yuri, but he will join at critical scenes."

The Tales of Vesperia ~The First Strike~ site has also been updated with a pretty intro, a Kadokawa Pictures page and a staff blog. The movie's showing is confirmed to be also on Autumn of this month, the same season as the PS3 game. The art from the site intro has been added to the ToV Movie Gallery, though the quality is not exactly... desirable.

Yuri and Flynn Flynn low quality Yuri low quality

Thanks to Kouli for the HQ images, and Kasn for the LQ images.

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