New Screen Shots and Artwork of Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3

4Gamer has also been updated today with 21 new game screen shots of Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3. The update contains pretty much the same info regarding the game which you can read about here. The only added bit is about the game's story, which is similar to Radiant Mythology 2 in a sense. You, the descender, will fall from the sky in front of Kanonno with no memory of who you are, and the like. Also with the screen shots is a high quality version of Kanonno Grassvalley's artwork plus a little more information about her as well:

Kanonno Grassvalley
-- Kanonno Grassvalley
VA: Aya Hirano
Age: 15
Height: 158cm
Weight: 44kg
"Don't carry it all by yourself. Everyone's here. I'm... we're all with you."
-- A kind and cheerful 15 year-old girl who is an active member of Ad Libitum. Her parents are both doctors enlisted by her country's military, and both had died in the war. With her home gone, she was raised by one of her family's butlers who traveled around the world. She witnessed the beginning of Ad Libitum in one village, and enlisted as a member ever since. She has a sketchbook containing a scenery which no one has ever seen before which she has been searching for.

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We also have six new Hi-Ougi/Mystic Arte cut-in images uploaded to the gallery. With it is a list of some of the new characters and the other characters from the previous RM games. I'll have their info put up after I get back from school later today.

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