Tales of Symphonia the Animation Site Update - Tethe'alla Arc Opening Theme

The Tales of Symphonia OVA Official site's Product and Story section has now been opened. The Product section contains info on Nana Mizuki's Single, "Mugen" and a CD of the songs from the Sylvarant arc is also announced. (Please bear with me guys, I'm just using google translate. Please tell me if there are any errors). The opening song for the Tethe'alla arc is also announced.

Info on her "Mugen" single:

1.???TV????WHITE ALBUM?OP???/????????TV-CM????
2.????????????? ?? ?????? THE ANIMATION ??????OP????
--"Tenkuu no Canaria" (Canary in the Sky). - Tethe'alla arc's opening theme.
3.Dear Dream?TBS?????ED????

Release Date: October 28, 2009
Price: 1,300 yen (tax included) CD1 photos
Original release: King Records

Info on the "Sylvarant Songs" :

1.ALMATERIA ~ Vocal Mix ~ (OP Theme) Song: Eri Kawai
2.Fiat lux -hikari are- Song: Colette (CV: Mizuki Nana) ? Episode 2 Insert Song (the one Colette sings against Magnius and his men)
3. Uchi e Kaerou Song: Colette (CV: Mizuki Nana) ? Episode 3 Insert Song and Ending theme
4. Omoi no Yukue Song: Colette (CV: Mizuki Nana) ? Episode 4 Bonus CD Recording
5. Negai (ED Theme) Song: Kaori Hikita

Release Date: November 25, 2009
[Limited Edition] 2,940 yen (including tax) CD1 single sheet + DVD1
[Limited Edition] 2,310 yen (including tax) CD1 photos
Original release: Frontier Works

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