Tales of Graces f Official Site Updated With New Pages and Videos

The official Tales of Graces f website has finally been opened with new sections, with pages for new game features, game specs, story and characters now available for viewing.

Asbel Character Video 1 Sophie Character Video 1
The new game features page discusses about the new post-main game scenario, the new Blast Calibers, Sophie's new costume and the new HD graphics. The story page focuses on the story summaries and descriptions of the world and its main countries (Windol, Strata, Fendel). The character page currently contain only information about Asbel and Sophie, with Sophie's new costume viewable if you click the change button. The pages also have the first character videos for Asbel and for Sophie. They have been uploaded to our YouTube channel, and you can view them there by clicking the thumbnails above. The videos consist of two parts, the first part focuses on the time Asbel was a kid and the latter about the time of his teen years.

Apologies if this is late. As usual, school.

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