New Tales of Graces Scan - More Info on Asbel and the Rest as Kids (UPDATED)

This new magazine scan reveals more information on Asbel, Hubert and Richard when they were just children. The new info even has their voice actors, statistics, their own quotes and about how they were as children. EDIT: The translations for the info have now been added.

New ToG Magazine Scan - Asbel and the rest as Kids
Asbel ChildAsbel Lhant
"I want to go to the capital and be a knight under the service of the king."
VA: Yuki Kaida
Age: 11 years old
Weight: 38kg
Height: 145cm
--- The eldest son of the feudal lord of the Lhant territory in the Kingdom of Windol. Though he has the feel of a show-off, he is still caring by nature with a cheerful and pleasant personality. Though he has already been arranged to be the next feudal lord, he dreams of becoming a knight rather than following his father's footsteps.

Hubert ChildHubert Lhant (Hubert Ozwell)
"Since you're the eldest son, Brother, you'll be the feudal lord of this territory in the future."
VA: Mikako Takahashi
Age: 10 years old
Weight: 34kg
Height: 138cm
--- Asbel's younger brother. Though he has a reserved personality, he is a moderate child with a good mind. He always cowers behind Asbel's back, frequently being dragged around by his mischievous older brother. He was quite close to his older brother when he was younger, but for some reason now becomes gloomy when around him.

Richard ChildRichard
"Friends, huh... You are the first one who has ever told me that."
VA: Y?ko Sanpei
Age: 12 years old
Weight: 45kg
Height: 152cm
--- The Prince of the Kingdom of Windol. From an early age, he has witnessed the political lining of the adults around him, leading him to seclude himself from others. Ever since he interacted with Asbel, however, he has gradually started to change.

Aside from this, you will also see some new screenshots of the game's anime cutscenes in the scan.

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