The Tales of Graces Section is Now Live + Gallery Updates + New Wallpaper

Might as well put it up for now, so... The Tales of Graces section of the site is now open for viewing. It's using the Version 3 layout, so you'll pretty much get the idea of what to expect from all the other Tales pages once they're done.

Tales of Graces section at AC

Some areas of the section are also still subject to be edited (Yume is still checking parts of them). The other Tales sections are still incomplete. They've been uploaded to the server, but have been closed off to the public. In other words, all other pages of the version 3 layout are still inaccessible, therefore you have to return to the version 2 layout to view stuff.

In the Graces section, the main page contains basic info on the game. Other info are in the tabs below. Basically, it's just a big extensive summary of all the information that has been revealed thus far. You'll find the character pages, as well as video downloads. The Video page has downloads, YouTube streaming and site streaming for all the videos released (site streaming in case YouTube magically deletes our account again >_>). By the way, the FLV and MP4 streaming are pretty much the exact same quality. They're only there in case one doesn't work for you, so you can use the other. Actually, I haven't checked if all download links link to where they should, so feel free to report any misleading links. You also need to have JavaScript turned on in order to view the pages properly.

New Tales of Graces Screenshots New Tales of Vesperia PS3 Screenshots Three ToVPS3 Hi-Ougi Cut-ins Kamenin Merchant Screenshots

Richard's ArtFor the gallery updates, we've uploaded new screenshots of Tales of Graces and Tales of Vesperia from Also from 4Gamer is Richard's HQ art and Mystic Arte cut-ins of Patty, Flynn and Yuri in the PS3 version (only three). Screenshots of Kamenin Merchant have also been added. Also from 4Gamer, Kamenin Merchant will be available as a DSiWare application in the future.

The Tales of Vesperia PS3 site has also been updated with a new wallpaper for download.(Edit: A new wallpaper was added again.) The two available sizes have been uploaded to the gallery:

1280x1024 | 1024x768 1280x1024 | 1024x768

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