New Tales of Vesperia PS3 DLC - School-Themed Costumes + Happy Birthday!

We usually don't update on DLC anymore, but this was quite interesting, so I updated. Starting October 29, 2009 (... cough), new, school-themed costumes will be available as DLC for Tales of Vesperia PS3.

scan1 scan2 scan3
The price for them is currently still unknown. The names of the titles are:

Yuri: Dependable Upperclassman (??????, tayoreru joukyuusei)

Estelle: School Madonna (???????, gakuen no madonna)

Karol: Pashiri, Will One Day Be a Banchou (??????????, pashiri, itsuka wa banchou. A Pashiri is a term used for an errand boy, whilebanchou is the term used for the leader of delinquent groups in Japan.)

Rita: Puzzling Exchange Student (?????, nazo na tenkousei)

Raven: The Rumored Bulging Teacher (??????????, uwasa no hamidashi kyoushi)

Judith: The Yearned Counselor (??????????, akogare no hoken no sensei)

Flynn: The Ideal Student Council President (???????, risou no seito kaichou)

Patty: The Legendary Chief Director's Grandchild (????????,densetsu no rijichou no mago)

Repede: The Banchou's Right Hand Guy (??????, sou banchou no kataude)

And I would also like to greet one of our site staff/forum mods a great happy birthday, LaZyEnErGeTiC! May you enjoy this day to the fullest! =>

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