Tales of Graces Site Update - System & OP Screenshots + New Song Download

The official Tales of Graces site has been updated today, updating its Story section with screenshots of the anime opening and the opening of theSystem section. The System section opened with just a basic update, displaying the characters' available style shifts (you can read about them in AC's individual character pages) and screenshots to complement them.

The screenshots that are old or have been available before were no longer added to the gallery. You'll notice that some of the thumbnails in the official site lead to different screenshots for some reason (Cheria and Malik's pages), but we can't do anything about that. Incidentally, some screenshots of Asbel not shown in the site were in the flash file, so I've added those as well.

Battle Screenshots:
Asbel1 Asbel2 Asbel3 Asbel4Asbel5 Sophie1 Sophie2 Hubert1Hubert2 Cheria1 Cheria2 Cheria3Richard1 Richard2 Malik1 Malik2Pascal2 Pascal2

Anime Opening Screenshots (only the new ones are here. The old ones can be viewed here):
Anime1 Anime2 Anime3

I've also ripped out the head icons in the site's System page. You can download it in a zip file (contains the images separately) by clicking the image below:
head icons and name plates

Lastly, a temporary download of Nana Mizuki's "Tenkuu no Canaria" is now available (temporary because the ToS page isn't open yet). This song will be used as Tales of Symphonia: the Animation Tethe'alla Arc's opening theme. Also expect the official lyrics to be up sometime soon. Download it here.

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