New Tales of Xillia Scan: Other Characters Might Get Star Driver DLC Too

A new scan of Tales of Xillia hints that Jude and Milla, the main protagonists, might not be the only ones to receive Star Driver costumes via DLC.

This is the only part we have of the scan as of now, showing an illustration of Rowen as Star Driver's Ryosuke KatashiroUPDATE (8/9/2011): Added the other parts of the scan.There are no scans yet for the following info, but according to those who have the magazine, the whole scan shows Leia asWako Agemaki, Alvin as Head and Elise as Benio Shinada.

The scan also says that this set will come out on September 8th, on the same date as the game's release, and will be for 500 Yen each.

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