New Tales of Vesperia PS3 Magazine Scan - Looks Like Flynn's In The Party

New magazine scans concerning Tales of Vesperia PS3 have surfaced, found by Kouli

scan Better scan

EDIT: A higher quality scan has been added, thanks to Ryu Hiroshi.
Though the scans are quite too small to decipher the smaller text, this message can be clearly seen on the scans:
"?????????IN!!" or in English, "Flynn's in the party!"

Though it's still unsure if Flynn will be permanent, it is for certain that he will be joining the party.

In somewhat related news, there are now actually 3 volumes of the Tales of 10th Anniversary soundtracks. The first is the one that came with the US special edition of Tales of Vesperia. The second is the one that will be sent out to those who submitted the code found in the Vesperia special edition. And lastly, the third volume, as those who have it have claimed, is for those who ordered the supposedly "volume 2" soundtrack from Tales Brigade. The volume 3 one has this art in the cover, plus a blue background.

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