New Tales of Zestiria Character Revealed - Lyla

The latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump reveals a new Tales of Zestiria character named Lyla, along with the game's genre and catchphrase, among other things.

The latest character is named Lyla ( ???, raira) and is voiced by Miyu Matsuki. She's designed by Mutsumi Inomata, the same as Mikulio. She's 172cm tall and uses papers (?) or book pages as a weapon.

"I have always been waiting - for the one who holds a genuine pure heart untouched by impurities - for the one who would be able to hear my voice."

Lyla is also a Tenzoku/Divine, specifically one who holds the element of Fire. She is the one who guides Slay to become a Doushi/Priest. Slay meets Lyla by chance in some sort of festival. She is an adult woman who is able to give precise advice, though at times, she can also be a little reckless with her strange and wild ideas. She forms a contract with Slay in order to make him a vessel of the Tenzoku, and in return, Slay will be able to get special powers.

In addition, Tales of Zestiria's "Tales genre" is "An RPG where passion lights up the world." It's catchphrase is "Tradition will one day become 'hope'." There are also screenshots showing Mikulio and Edna in battle, but they still haven't exactly revealed how Tenzoku )who are supposed to be invisible to humans) will be able to fight.

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