Tales of Vesperia Gets A Voice Novel About Yuri And Flynn's Childhood

A voice novel for Tales of Vesperia which was announced a while back in VIVA Tales of Magazine has just been released today on the iTunes Apple App Store and on Google Play.

A Tales of Vesperia Gaiden, in the form of a voice novel that can be purchased via Bandai Namco JP's VoiNov app ( ????,boinobe) entitled "Tales of Vesperia: Convictor's Genealogy - One Meeting, Two Swords" has just been released today. The voice novel mainly focuses on the time when Yuri and Flynn were 7 years old and will feature illustrations.

The voice novel's story is written by Vesperia's Scenario Writer, with illustrations by the manga-ka of the Tales of Vesperia: Koku no Kamen manga. In addition, all voices have been newly recorded for the app.

The VoiNov app is currently available on both the and Google Play. The app itself is free and comes with a sample of the Vesperia voice novel, but it seems you'll have to actually buy the story (a part is apparently 400 Yen).

And this goes without saying that this is, indeed, in Japanese.

VoiNov official site.

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