New Tales of Zestiria Scan: A Bit About The Hero and Heroine

The latest issue of Jump Magazine features a little snippet about the main hero and heroine of Tales of Zestiria, Slay/Thray and Alicia.

Slay/Thray ( ???, surei. Again, romanization not yet official)
- Voiced by Ryouhei Kimura
- A somewhat overly sweet and kind hearted young man who is always on the positive side of things. He has an interest in the world's ancient ruins.

Alicia ( ?????, ariisha. Again, romanization not yet official)
- Voiced by Ai Kayano
- A princess who for some reason prefers to be a mere knight, and has a formal, masculine manner of speaking. She sets off on a journey when disasters and disturbances occur in the world.

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