ToS: KoR Site Update + New ToV Art/Screens + We're Recruiting ^_^/

An update has been made over at the Tales of Symphonia: Knight of Ratatosk Official Site. They updated with new info on the villains mentioned before in a scan (namely Brute, Hawk and Magner), new screenshots of them, more info on the battle system (most of which we already know about), a bunch of other new screenshots (some are new, some are the same as the screenshot haul we brought from IGN before), including screenshots of Emil and Marta's Hi-Ougi's.

I'm currently trying to translate Brute and the rest's info, as well as uploading the said new screenshots. When I'm done, you'll find them here. I'm also uploading a few new official arts as well as screenshots for Tales of Vesperia. Also currently finishing up the Vesperia page for our site. When I'm done with the official art, you'll find them here, and as for the screens, here.

AND on that note we're hiring one new staff member! We currently need someone who has a good grasp of the Japanese language (in other words, we need a translator). The only two requirements he/she needs to have is of course, the ability to translate Japanese to English, and a passion for the Tales Series XD. He/She will have access to the site's Fusion News, so that he/she can add news himself/herself. Looking forward to you guys ^_^/

EDIT: And my friend Ayame Majikku from YouTube just brought it up, but it looks like preorders for the US version of Tales of Vesperia are up on Play-Asia. It has a $64.90 price, and a September 2008 release date. Not sure how reliable this is, but it IS Play-Asia, so yeah.

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