New Videos for Hearts and Radiant Mythology 2

The Tales of Hearts main site has been updated with three new videos, two of them being battle videos for Hisui and Innes.

There are no hi-ougis for them however. The other video is a dungeon video, showing Shing roam around an area called Gurim/Grim (romaji: GURIMU).

For Radiant Mythology 2, there are also three new videos. The first is a video for the Hunter class. Second is a video showing that you can change job classes on the Van Eltia. The last video shows the Library menu, which includes your Quest List, the current Game Synopsis, Monster List, etc.

All new images (from RM2) have been uploaded to the RM2 gallery. A few screenshots are also in their respective albums.

P.S. So, we're working on Abyss episode 11... It's a good thing we went with Wyon Cavern in that other episode, 'cause here Jade actually explains why the heck it was called Wyon in the first place... At least now it'll make more sense. Episode twelve will be Water Metropolis... and you've guessed it, the party goes to Grand Chokmah to meet Peony.

P.S.2. BTW my prelims are coming up... Expect less updates in the coming days... BAH...

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