Tales of Graces f's Asbel Gets A DLC Costume Of .hack//'s Haseo

The list of available DLC from the Japanese PlayStation Network reveals a neat little update: Asbel Lhant will be getting a costume of Haseo from the .hack// series available for download this 9th of December for 400 Yen.

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You guys may remember .hack//Link getting Tales of Graces costumes as a bonus during its release. Though it wasn't noticed much, Asbel was also able to obtain a Haseo costume at that time, but it was left as unused data in the game's disc. Now, it is officially being released as DLC. This DLC, together with the IdolM@ster costumes for the girls, the formal suit costumes for the guys and the attachments will all be available on December 9, 2010. All the mentioned costumes are 400 Yen each, while the attachments (Sophie doll, cat, box head, Kamenin and eye glasses) are all 100 Yen each set (for all characters, I believe). Other DLC, such as item sets, gel sets, duarising sets, cooking sets and gald for beginners are also available. Carta card sets are also available for 100 Yen each. The High School set will be available on the 16th.

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