Tales of Innocence + Tales of Destiny Director's Cut Updates

So yeah, a whole lot of updates are up today (HAPPY THANKSGIVING YOU AMERICANS! -shot-) Okay, so first off, the Tales of Innocence sountrack has just been revealed. It'll be called "Tales of Innocence OST: Another Innocence" which will be containing the BGMs of the game, as well as the opening and ending song by KOKIA. (CLICK HERE TO SEE THE COVER).

Speaking of the opening and ending songs, HQ files of the them have been uploaded to the Tales of Innocence Audio Page and in the Tales of JukeBox. Also included are the karaoke versions of both songs. And that's not all, with enough time online, I managed to get the official lyrics of both songs, which are now up on the Tales Lyrics section. There are no translations yet, but there will be in the near future ^_^/

For other ToI updates, we have an interview from the creator of the game himself (CLICK HERE). He states that Tales of Innocence is sort of late, because Tales of the Abyss was released two years ago (in Japan, 2005), so it sort of took time for ToI (take note that he's not talking about Tales of the Tempest at all O_O). But in order for them to make an RPG to be expected from the Tales series, they had to put some work into it. It was a difficult step for them to move to the DS, but they hope the game will live up to the series (um, what happened to Tempest..?). He states that ToI is pretty much the same pattern as any Tales game, complete with wars, misunderstandings, a moving storyline, and a beautiful opening video (CLICK HERE FOR A SNEAK PEEK OF THE OPENING!).

He continues on about the prologue of the game, and reasons why they picked Mutsumi Inomata for the character designs. The game also will have a tremendous amount of skits, but sadly, not all will be voiced (CLICK HERE).

Also, he states that his favorite character in the game would be Ricardo, for his cool demeanor and having to act like the uncle for everyone's childishness (Ricardo scenes). And the staff is quite amused with their entry of Coda, Iria's pet (Coda Scenes).

The reason the team picked KOKIA for the songs was because they thought her voice fit the game well. They conveyed the story to KOKIA, and she was able to make a song fit for the game in their opinion, with its mysterious feel.

For the rest, he talks about the battles (video shows that the stats will be on the touch screen during battle), the free-runningthe combo execution,the player AI customizationthe style customization, and the guild quests.

Lastly, he finally talks about Tales of the Tempest. Everyone knows that TotT was somewhat a failure on their part. But because of this experience, they continued to strive harder on the matter, and now, as you see, they have come up with Tales of Innocence. TotT, in their opinion, became the stepping stone for Tales of Innocence, which they believe, is obviously better.

As for Tales of Destiny: Director's Cut, aside from the new art on the page, it really is confirmed that there will be a Leon path and a Stahn path. TheOfficial ToDDC site has been updated with a summary of the prologue for both paths. For the Stahn path, it contains the same start as the original ToD, where Stahn meets Dymlos. As for the Lion path, we're not sure, but it starts out with him as Leon already, and not as (SPOILERSDAMNIT) Emilio. Also, they've revealed what the other sections of that site will be, so expect more new updates in the future~

Heck, that was long O_o...

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