Project K - Sergeant Keroro RPG Developed by Namco Bandai's Tales Studio

The recent hype about Namco Bandai's new Project K RPG all got us hoping for a new Tales game. A few days ago, we confirmed it to be a Sgt. Keroro game. And now, it is finally officially revealed to be indeed a Keroro RPG... by Tales Studio!

Keroro RPGThis new scan reveals an upcoming RPG for the Nintendo DS called "Keroro RPG - The Knight, the Warrior and the Legendary Pirate" ( ???RPG ???????????, keroro RPG - kishi to musha to densetsu no kaizoku ). This new RPG, coming to Japanese stores this 2010, is a game developed by Tales Studio. Signature elements of Tales Studio games can be found in this RPG, such as the use of face skits and the use of a 2D Linear Motion Battle System in battles. Other Tales of Series game elements will also be implemented in the game according to the scan.

More details on the game can be found here. Screenshots and a short trailer from Famitsu can be found here.

... But since this isn't exactly a Tales game, this is the last time we'll be updating on it. Probably. It's your call. Do you want us to update about this game regularly like we do with other Tales games? Comment about it :3..

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