Three New Tales of Graces Scans Reveal New Blast Caliber Cut-ins

Three new magazine scans have surfaced, revealing Blast Caliber cut-ins for Cheria, Hubert, Malik, Pascal and Richard. They look really wonderful if I do say so myself. Click the thumbnails to view the scans.

ToG Cut-ins Scan 1 ToG Cut-ins Scan 2 ToG Cut-ins Scan 3
These are the Blast Calibers of all the characters that have been revealed so far. They are mostly from Nore's blog, based on what he was able to play of the game during Tokyo Game Show 2009.

 Asbel: Juuha Goushozan ( ????? )

 Sophie: Critical Blade ( ??????????, kuritikaru bureedo)

 Cheria: Asterism Line ( ??????????, asuterizumu rain)

 Hubert: Instant Valse ( ?????????, ansutan varusu)

 Malik: Calamity Rondo ( ?????????, karamiti rondo)

 Pascal: G Sword Cross ( G???????, G soodo kurosu)

 Richard: Vertex/Vortex? Rose ( ??????????, vaatekusu roozu)

Anyway, based on a majority vote, we will only update about Tales Studio's upcoming Keroro RPG if something like Tales cameos come up in that game. Incidentally, Bandai has put up another upcoming RPG countdown site.

Also, apologies for the late post. 5-hour straight lectures in Biochemistry and Microbiology every single day aren't really helping >_>.

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