Radiant Mythology 2 Famitsu Scan

A small update for Radiant Mythology 2. 

Ryo Valdurin posted the Famitsu scan from GameKyo above in the Tales Forums, showing three villains, Barbatos (together with his creepy cut-in), Dhaos and an original character, Guede (??? - GE-DE, thanks to Sok for the correction. Official name from RM2 official site). You may recall seeing Gude in the RM2 commercial.

Also according to Ryo Valdurin, people on 2ch have posted that RM2 has been reviewed by Famitsu with a score of 8,8,8,8 with a total of 32/40.We're still unsure of this since no scan has surfaced yet. <-- has been confirmed by various other gaming sites.

Updated the ToH gallery again today, with new images from the Developer's Blog.

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