Four New RM2 Videos + Gallery Fixed + Tales Comm Update

Before you read on, our release of Tales of the Abyss episode 15 is just below this post. I'm sorry for double posting within a day...

Four new Radiant Mythology 2 system videos have been put up. The first two are about the basic Monster Book and Quests. The next two are about character uploads and downloads. Uploading characters makes them available for others to download, as well as to rank and comment on. Downloading characters allows you to add them to the Van Eltia as a recruit. You can also venture the EX dungeon with the downloaded character. At times, the character may even appear as a surprise boss in the arena. Click the thumbnails above to view them.

The gallery and jukebox are now running properly again, thanks to our server provider Kaz from NeoGeoForLife (thanks again ^__^). So...
 <---- minor Tales of Hearts gallery update.

To those who actually have access to the Tales of Community, they've added the main Vesperia cast into their Kao Dora system, as well as some Vesperia backgrounds and BGMs. They also recently had a little raffle for anautographed booklet of RM2's game script.

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